Knoxville Challenger Sports
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It is almost time for Baseball season!  The season begins Monday, April 10th and on the fields at Lakeshore Park,  6410 S. Northshore Drive.  All games will be either at 6:00 - 7:00 pm.  The cost is $15 per player for the 8 game season.

MAX AIR Trampoline Park is now offering a Special Needs Night on the first Tuesday of each month.  They close down the park to the public from 5pm-8pm.  Lights are dimmed and music turned down.  Jumpers can purchase a 1 hour flight ticket for $9, and t-shirts and jump socks will be offered at a discounted price.  First night was September 6th 5pm.  Cookies and refreshments are also provided.
229 East Emory Rd.

Challenger Bowling begins Thursday, September 15th. It takes place at Strike and Spare, located at 5700 Western Avenue.  There will be 8 sessions the last of which will be November 3rd. The cost is $25 per challenger bowler and this covers 2 games per session.

Shoe rental is not required but make sure that your child wears shoes with light colored soft soles.

Please remember that due to time and capacity restraints siblings or parents are not able to bowl.
This event is for Challenger athletes only.

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